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  • Our family has been using the team at Top Rate Tutors for three years now.  Both Nikki and Jenny came to our home to meet our daughter who was in the 10 grade at the time and was being challenged with executive function issues. We immediately started using them and have been doing so ever since.  My younger son is using them now and they both have used various tutors, depending on the subject, with total success.Last year we were in need of ACT tutoring and we starting using a great young and effective tutor,  who helped my daughter navigate the upcoming college entry requirements.  He was wonderful and worked well with my daughter.  Experiencing this whole college process could have been overwhelming so I was relieved to know TRT provided help in this important area.  In addition, I just love the user friendly website to schedule my kids sessions.  If I ever have any questions or concerns, Nikki or Jenny will get back to me immediately, even on the weekends.  We have been very, very impressed with Top Rate Tutors and the extensive service they provide for our children.
    -Carol (New Trier Parent)
  • Thanks for all your help, ladies!  We’ve gotten into five colleges so far and are waiting on three other schools.  It wouldn’t have happened without your help.
    -Mary (parent of a New Trier senior)
  • Our experience with Top Rate Tutors was exceptionally positive.  Jenny and Nikki made sure to understand my son’s needs and goals, including an extremely tight schedule due to athletics, and matched him with Steve.  He quickly and accurately assessed David’s strengths and challenges and developed a study plan that not only created a real difference in learning how to prep but also boosted my son’s confidence from day one.  As a result, his improved ACT scores made him competitive as an Ivy League college applicant.  Then when Division 1 college athletic recruiters started knocking on the door, complicating the selection process, we felt overwhelmed by the choices.  We hadn’t planned to use a college coach but my son said, “Let’s ask Top Rate Tutors if they can help.” Not needing a complete coaching package because much of the process was already done, Top Rate Tutor’s flexible options ideally matched our needs.  It turns out Steve was again the perfect fit with his extraordinary knowledge of the entire application process including the unique impact on it of college athletics.  Within a few sessions, using key questions we never considered asking, he helped my son narrow in on his instincts, figure out what was important to him and why and navigate a broad, winding road to thebest college for all the right reasons.  I look back knowing my son couldn’t be where he is now and have such an exciting future without “our Top Rate team.”  Working with them was truly life changing.  They provide individualized support every step of the way.  Jenny and Nikki offer an outstanding service!
    -Marti Rodgers (parent of a New Trier senior)
  • Thank you so much for your service! We had never used a tutor before and you helped to “walk” me through what we needed. My High School daughter got straight A’s last semester! The tutors you provide are wonderful and even her friend now uses Top Rate Tutors! I would recommend your service to anyone. We love the online scheduling and my daughter likes that she can create the schedule herself. Keep up the good work and thanks to ALL the Top Rate Tutors!
    Sincerely, Kathy Larko (New Trier parent)
  • Top Rate Tutors exceeded our expectations. When we began interviewing tutoring services, we were concerned about the quality and depth of the tutors associated with each of the organizations and whether or not they could make the right match. Jenny Loring and Nikki Smith took the time to learn about our children and their needs and made a great tutor match. The tutor assigned to our family has not only helped with individual classes but he has become an academic coach, helping our children manage their approach to learning. Top Rate Tutors has provided a valuable resource and we have recommended them to friends. 
     -Elise (New Trier parent)
  • Our family LOVED our tutor Jack from Top Rate Tutors! He was talented, very dedicated and flexible in meeting the needs of our student. The on-line scheduling system utilized by Top Rate Tutors is superior. Organizing the schedule or making changes is easy and efficient. The e-mail reminders are always appreciated too!
    -Cheryl & Jenna Smith
  • We feel so fortunate to have found Top Rate Tutors. The founders of the company are incredibly helpful in finding the right tutor for your child and have set up a really easy to use system of booking and scheduling tutoring sessions. And, any question we had was answered immediately by them throughout the entire year. We all loved our daughter's tutor who helped her so much with her executive functioning and organizational issues and had so many great ideas of how to help her manage her time and tackle her homework better. The entire experience with Top Rate Tutors was exceptional!
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